Noel + Dan First Look

One of my favorite parts of taking pictures is being around couples on one of the happiest days of their lives. Yes, I put out fires left and right, calm nerves, pass tissues, bustle dresses, hug everyone in sight and pretend Im a bridesmaid, but all of that is overshadowed by the pure joy of the day. It’s a huge deal when Im hired for a wedding because I play an extremely intimate role. Im right there next to you when the flood of emotion overwhelms everyone and your dad tears up seeing his baby in white. Granted, Im usually holding back tears and snapping away. I take the responsibility of capturing these precious moments very seriously, and I feel blessed daily to be entrusted with these priceless memories.

Dan and Noel, remember the butterflies this day?! 2016-06-28_0001 2016-06-28_0002 2016-06-28_0003 2016-06-28_0004 2016-06-28_0005 2016-06-28_0006 2016-06-28_00072016-06-28_0023 2016-06-28_0008 2016-06-28_0009 2016-06-28_0010 2016-06-28_0011 2016-06-28_0012 2016-06-28_0013 2016-06-28_0015 2016-06-28_0016 2016-06-28_0017 2016-06-28_0018 2016-06-28_0019 2016-06-28_0020 2016-06-28_0021 2016-06-28_0022 2016-06-28_0024 2016-06-28_0025 2016-06-28_0026 2016-06-28_0027 2016-06-28_0028 2016-06-28_0029 2016-06-28_0030 2016-06-28_0031 2016-06-28_0032