Vanessa + Colton engaged

Little miss Vanessa is my baby sister and she’s oh so special to me. She’s been my baby doll her whole life. She’s loved Colton since high school and they’ve been best friends ever since. It’s been so sweet looking back through her engagements and seeing how much they’ve changed since then. These were taken in January 2014 and Vanessa has since graduated from nursing school and they’ve packed up and moved to California to become beach bums. They are clearly the coolest humans in our family and Im so glad that they are apart of ours! Love you guys. 2016-05-09_00162016-05-09_0027 2016-05-09_00252016-05-09_00242016-05-09_00232016-05-09_00222016-05-09_0026 2016-05-09_0021 2016-05-09_0020 2016-05-09_0019 2016-05-09_0018 2016-05-09_0017