Nate+Kate New Years Eve Wedding

Im convinced that miss Kate is a real life disney princess. She might just be the sweetest human on the planet, and she has impeccable taste. She’s the owner of the event planning company Bloom&Blueprint and is so good at what she does. Im doing a styled shoot with her this weekend and Im giddy just thinking about it. Their nuptials were held at The Saguaro in Scottsdale. Due to last minute rain the ceremony was moved inside but still ended up being lovely and intimate. Being New Years Eve made the wedding all that more magical. A confetti bar was a must and so much fun. The bride and groom brought their confetti leftovers the following day to their formals session. We had a blast playing with all the glittery goodness. 2016-01-22_00242016-01-22_0027 2016-01-22_0023 2016-01-22_0041 2016-01-22_0028 2016-01-22_0026 2016-01-22_0032 2016-01-22_0025 2016-01-22_0029 2016-01-22_0030 2016-01-22_0031 2016-01-22_00332016-01-22_0035
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